What Does A White Rose Mean?

The lightest of shade, white has a special charm of its own, unmatched by any other color. White rose meaning also has several myths attached to it. In Christianity, it is associated with Mother Mary. So, white rose flower meaning also includes motherly love. Within the common term “White Rose”, experts include at least 15 different shades including snowball white, iceberg white, and different shades of ivories. 

White Rose Meaning & Symbolism

White roses mean love, affection, purity, innocence, spirituality, and loyalty.

White rose meaning is associated with purity, spirituality, and innocence. However, White Rose symbolisms evoke from a special place in history and culture. It is the symbol of Virgin Mary in Christianity, and white roses are the symbol of chastity. It also signifies true and pure love, affection, and compassion towards someone. The meaning of giving white roses includes showing respect and support towards someone, and expressing feelings of love, loyalty, and gratitude.

History of White Rose

White roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. It is believed to be the first rose color in existence. Legends have it that when white roses were tainted with the blood of Aphrodite when she was running towards her lover, and cut herself in the thorns of white roses, it turned into red. White rose meanings are evoked from these legends.

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What Occasions are White Roses used for?

White roses for weddings

White roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers in the western part of the world. White roses are used extensively in almost every floral arrangement that a wedding involves. White rose wedding bouquets are carried by both brides and bridesmaids. Wedding white roses are also included in the corsages and boutonnieres, the bouquet toss, and even the décor.

What do White Roses mean in a wedding?

White rose meaning in a wedding includes many things such as, purity, loyalty, unconditional love, and affection.

White roses for mother’s day

Mother’s day is another important event where you can use white roses. Mother’s day white roses can be included in the gift that you select for your mother. You can choose to get a white rose mother’s day bouquet solely made of pristine white blooms, or can use along with other types of flowers and colors. White rose arrangements for mother’s day can also be used as décor if you’re having a party or a gathering in honor of your dear mother.

What do White Roses mean in mother’s day?

White roses are especially associated with Mother’s Day because of the roman myth associated with them. According to that, white roses are the symbol of Mother Mary, and hence they signify motherly love. So, mother’s day white rose meaning denotes unconditional and pure love.

White roses for celebrating a relationship

You can also use white roses for celebrating a special relationship in your life. White rose relationship bouquets can be made of pure white roses, or you can include a few white ones amidst other rose colors. 

What do White Roses mean in a relationship?

In a relationship, white rose meanings include love, affection, honesty, loyalty, and respect.

White roses for Valentine’s Day

Although red roses are the most widely used Valentine’s Day flowers in the world, white roses are also pretty good choices. A white rose Valentine’s Day bouquet will be perfect if you’re dating this person recently, or if it’s your first valentine’s day. 

What do White Roses mean in Valentine’s Day?

In Valentine’s Day, white roses mean sweet and serene love, as opposed to the intense and passionate love that is symbolized by red roses.

White roses for friendship

For celebrating a special friendship or Friendship Day in general, you can use white rose friendship day bouquets. Offering a white rose arrangement on friendship day will help you express your love and gratitude towards your friend.

What do White Roses mean in a friendship?

In friendship, white roses mean affection, admiration, loyalty, and gratitude.

White roses for retirement parties

White roses can be used for retirement parties too. A white rose retirement bouquet can be a good going-away present for your senior, or an acquaintance. White rose arrangements in retirement parties can be used as floral decorations, centerpieces, or table tops.

What do White Roses mean in retirements?

In case of retirement parties, white rose meanings include respect and honesty.

Other times to gift White Roses

Apart from these occasions, white roses can also be used for occasions such as graduation, get well soon, congratulations, new baby, housewarming, and more.

The significance of the number of White Roses

Did you know that the count of white roses also have a significance in determining their meanings? Before you gift a long stem white rose bouquet to your loved ones, make sure that you know about the flower count meaning as well.

White Rose Flower NumberMeaning & Symbolism
1 countLove at first sight
2 countReciprocated love, mutual love
3 countI love you
4 countWe are meant to be together for life
5 countYou are special
7 countWe complete each other
10 countYou are perfect
12 countBe mine
13 countYou are all I need
15 countLong-lasting love
20 countWe are together forever
25 countCongratulations
30 countI am committed to you
50 countWe are together forever
70 countMy love for you is everlasting
75 countYou are my soul-mate
99 countI want to grow old with you
100 countCommitment, forever love

White Rose Meanings when combined with other roses

White roses denote different things when combined with other colors of roses and included in a bouquet. Here we have discussed about those meanings as well.

What do red and white roses mean?

The combination of red and white roses means a union of two souls. This is a significant combination of flower colors in weddings and other romantic occasions. 

What do pink and white roses mean?

A combination of pink and white roses can denote gratitude and thankfulness. If you want to say ‘Thank You’ to a close friend or family, then use this combination of flowers.

What do black and white roses mean?

A combination of black and white roses can be perceived as a symbol of uniqueness and rarity.

What do blue and white roses mean?

Blue and white roses together mean spiritual union.

What do yellow and white roses mean?

Yellow and white roses combine to denote friendship, happiness, loyalty, and honesty.

White Rose Flower FAQ

What does a single white rose mean?

A single white rose means love at first sight.

What does a dozen white roses mean

A dozen white roses symbolize deep love and affection.

What are the common types of white roses?

Some of the common types of white roses are: Iceberg, Cream Abundance, French Lace, Avalanche 1991, Alba Maxima, etc.

What is the spiritual meaning of a white rose?

The spiritual meaning of a white rose is innocence and purity.

What is the meaning of 11 red roses and 1 white rose?

This combination means a union of two lovers.

What is the meaning of a single red rose in a bouquet of white roses?

This combination suggests love and affection.

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