What Is Spotify Blend And How Does It Work?

Several years ago, Spotify launched its streaming service known as Spotify Blend, and it went relatively unnoticed at the time. I have noticed that it seems to be gaining traction after a couple of updates and some trials. If you’re interested in finding out more about Spotify Blend, we’d be happy to tell you what it is and how it works. If you’re having trouble blending on Spotify and we’re not able to fix it, we can also offer you some fixes and tell you whether it’s only possible to use it with Spotify Premium if that is the case.

Although we all have our own tastes, music over the years has been able to bring us all together as a family. No matter what the occasion is, whether it be live music attending concerts, arguing over CDs and playlists on a car journey, or tying certain songs to certain memories. A big part of the appeal of music is its ability to be shared, and Spotify Blend enables users to do just that.

What Is Spotify Blend?

With the release of Spotify Blend back in 2021, users were introduced to the concept of creating playlists that could be shared with up to 10 friends or even some of the most popular artists on Spotify.

With the playlist feature, you can create a playlist based on all your favourite songs and that playlist can be accessible by you and your friends at the same time. If you are looking for a convenient way to create a playlist for the road, a study playlist for school, or songs to help you get in better shape, Spotify Blend can be of great help to you.

How Does It Work?

You can either blend with your friends or you can blend with your favorite artists.

If you want to create a playlist with your friends, all you need to do is search for blend in the Spotify search bar. In order to blend with other people, you need to select invite and then choose the people you want to blend with. Once you have done this, Spotify will send an invitation to your friends, and when they accept, it will create a playlist that is tailored to your friends’ preferences. In the playlist, you will find a mix of some of your favorite songs and recommendations based on your listening preferences.

The song will be accompanied by an indication of which friend it came from if you wish to ridicule your friends in this way. In this way, you can find out if there is a secret Aqua mega fan in the house or if there is a death metal fan hidden in the family.

As soon as they have been added to the playlist, everyone who has been added to it will receive a custom share card in the mail. After you have created your Spotify Blend playlist, you will be able to share it on social media and get others to join in on the fun as well.

Spotify Blend Works With Artists Too

You can blend with your favourite artists as well if your friends’ taste in music just doesn’t quite cut it for you, then you can also play your favourite music with them. There is a slight difference between what happens with your friends and how it happens with us.

The artists will not be able to access the blended playlist, but you will be able to see how much your taste in music is similar to theirs. There are many artists you can collaborate with on Spotify, such as BTS, Charli XCX, Megan Thee Stallion, Kacey Musgraves, and many others.

If you go to the Spotify Blend page, you will find links to create a playlist with one of the featured artists you have seen on the Spotify Blend page. After you receive your playlist, you will receive a share card and a score that will show you how similar your music tastes are with those of your friends. Also, you have the option of brag about it or you can share it on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Is It Only Available On Premium?

There is no need to have a premium Spotify account in order to use Spotify Blend, which will be great news for users. You will need to have a Spotify account in order to create those collaborative playlists, but the free version of Spotify works just as well.

It is important to remember, if you do not have a premium account, that you will not be able to skip any songs in the playlist if you choose to shuffle it. There is a possibility that you might be stuck with your friends’ dodgy favorite songs for a couple of tracks in a row. Aside from that, you will be interrupted every now and then by advertisements.

It is also possible to get Spotify Premium cheaper if you’re a student, especially if you get it through a family account if you’re a student. I think it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a university student who needs to listen to a study playlist or a motivational playlist to help you with your work at school.

Why Can’t I Blend On Spotify?

It is unlikely that you haven’t updated your app since it has been available for a little while now, so it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t updated it since it was launched. In any case, if you are not receiving automatic updates then it would be worth checking.

It is also necessary that you and your friends listen to enough music and artists to be able to create a playlist by using this feature. When you don’t use Spotify a lot, Blend won’t work very well for you if you rarely use it. According to Route Note, users must also actively listen to new music so that the streaming app can continuously update your blended playlist and provide you with more accurate recommendations as a result.

When the problem is more of a technical nature, you may want to log out and back in again, clear the Spotify cache, or reinstall the Spotify app. In either one or all of these cases, the whole app will be able to run properly again, including the Blend feature, once you perform these steps. If you are having trouble using your first Spotify Blend attempt, you can always try deleting it and then re-creating it as a completely new playlist.

To create a playlist, your friends will also have to accept your blend invitation in order for it to be created. If you have had a little tiff with your roommate or left the kitchen messy in your student accommodation, they might not want to be around you and the kitchen for a variety of reasons. You should ensure that everyone is happy to create a Spotify Blend playlist, make sure they are aware that they do not need a premium account in order to do so, and that everything will go smoothly.


Spotify Blend is a feature introduced by Spotify that allows users to create a personalized playlist by combining their musical preferences with those of their friends. It works by merging the musical tastes and listening habits of two users into a single playlist, offering a unique and collaborative listening experience. The Blend feature takes into account the genres, artists, and songs that both users enjoy, as well as the frequency with which they listen to specific tracks. By analyzing this data, Spotify generates a playlist that reflects the shared and individual music preferences of the users involved.

To create a Spotify Blend playlist, one user initiates the process by inviting a friend to participate. Once the friend accepts the invitation, Spotify combines the listening data from both users and creates a playlist that is a blend of their musical tastes. The playlist is updated regularly to incorporate new music and changes in preferences. Both users can access and listen to the Blend playlist, and it is shared between them in a collaborative manner.

The Blend feature enhances the social aspect of music discovery on Spotify, enabling users to explore new artists, genres, and songs based on the recommendations from their friends. It promotes shared experiences and strengthens social connections by providing a platform for users to discover and enjoy music together. Whether it’s for parties, road trips, or simply sharing musical experiences, Spotify Blend offers a convenient and engaging way to create personalized playlists in collaboration with friends.

In conclusion, Spotify Blend is a feature that combines the musical preferences of two users into a single playlist. It allows users to create a collaborative and personalized listening experience by merging their individual tastes with those of their friends. By analyzing data on genres, artists, and listening habits, Spotify generates a playlist that reflects the shared and unique musical interests of the users involved. Blend enhances the social aspect of music discovery on Spotify, enabling users to explore new music together and strengthen their connections through a shared music experience.

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